Deserted and stranded on the road: Towing service at your rescue

towing service

You have this as the last chance, as after this you do not get to see your friend again. Before this, you have made promises and never kept your word, and this is what is the most disrespectful. However, you realize that your car is ready and you can reach there on time. So you set out of the house and you see there are certain noises that are oozing out of the engine which is making you panic after moving three steps forward you see that your car is broken, and as the black smoked circles come out you see, you need help which is tow car and there is no towing service near you. But there was this colleague of yours who gave you the idea of calling a nearby tow car service. In this article, we shall discuss different kinds of towing services that you need to know so that you are not stranded like today.

Different types of car towing

At this point you need you need to understand that there are different kinds of car towing service that are available, let us see what are these.

Normal winch towing service

This towing service requires a hook at the end of the chain which is attached to tow the truck and is connected to the front of the truck. Suggestive to its name, this is known as the hook and chain towing services. However, while booking this kind of towing service, you need to understand that your car might as well destroy the frontier of your car.

Hydraulic towing service

This service is the best because especially from the normal towing. This is because with the help towing service the weight of the portion is hoisted onto the hydraulic arm and then the pressure is distributed evenly over the tow car. This provides better safety and gives you privacy in the vehicle during transportation.

Flatbed towing service

As suggestive of its name this kind of towing service has a flat platform, the cars and motorcycles can be driven on it. You would be surprised to know that this is popular as most people nowadays use these kinds of tow car services. The ability of this tow car is to take or float the car which protects the car from getting chipped from behind or from the front. Premium cars and high-ended car owners always prefer their cars to be towed like this.

Closed-container tow trucks

This is suggestive to its name and these tow car services are used to tow big cars. The process is simple, you need to understand there this is a big truck and the vehicles are kept and towed inside of this huge truck. When you choose these kinds of trucks you can easily tow car like antique sports and luxury cars. 

Wheel lifting towing 

Requesting you not to get confused by the name as it says wheel lifting, these are towing services which are used for towing small and lightweight vehicles. The process of this car towing service is that there are hydraulic boom bas. The car is lifted at an angle and then these are towed in a linear way.

Light and medium-duty towing

As the name suggests these light to medium car towed services and these are used to tow lightweight vehicles. In case any of your vehicles is in the middle of an accident or runs out of gas and there is a service to call, always go for this towing service as these are perfect for vans, bikes, small trucks and cars. Remember where we left off. This is the perfect kind of car tow service that can be used for your accident as well. 

Ultimate recovery and towing 

This is yet another and probably the last kind of towing service on this list. In this kind of towing service, all you need to do is call the towing service and do not forget to share your problems with them. Not only will they tow your car, but they will also deliver your car to your doorstep once they have done repairing your car, ready to be used in the future use.

Where can I find it?

Online and offline suggestions

As the name suggests, you can always find these in offline and online stores. In case, now this is sheer luck, in case you are near the towing serviceyou can visit them physically and get them to tow car. In case, you like it online go for the reviews and then consider investing in these. Goggle, internet etc. is always handy.

Call a friend

A friend in need is a friend in deed, so in this case, you can always call your friend and ask him or her to find the solution.


In sum, while concluding this article, this can be said that accidents can take place anywhere and anytime. Towing service or towing your car is the best possible solution and can help you. Consider the above guide and get yourself the best service.

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