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custom family portrait

In a world where moments pass by in the blink of an eye, where digital images are taken and forgotten, there exists a profound and enduring form of art. Moreover, the custom family portrait. It is a timeless masterpiece that goes beyond mere photography. The capturing becomes essence of your family and preserving a moment that is uniquely yours. In this blog, we invite you to enter the enchanting realm of custom portraits and meet the artist who breathes life into these captivating creations — Drawn On Portraits.

Capturing Family Bonds to Discover Custom Family Portrait

A Glimpse into Drawn On Portraits

Drawn On Portraits is not just a brand; it’s the heart and soul of an immensely talented artist, Audrey. Her journey in the world of portraiture commenced in 2020 when she embarked on a career specializing in pet portraiture. Fueled by her deep love for animals and her innate artistic talent. However, she began creating custom pet portraits that captured the physical likeness and the spirit and personality of beloved pets. Yet, her creative journey was destined for more. Audrey’s passion for art and her desire to bring joy to people’s lives through her work led her to expand her creative horizons. The result? A diverse portfolio that now includes family portraits, capturing the most cherished moments in people’s lives.

Audrey’s approach to her craft is deeply personal. She recognizes that a family portrait is not just a picture. Moreover, it’s a piece of your family’s history, a snapshot of a moment deserving of being cherished for future generations. Her work has found a special place in numerous loving homes and offices across the United States. So, with each custom piece telling a unique and heartwarming story.

Why Choose a Custom Portrait?

Why opt for a family portrait in a world awash with digital photography and instant selfies? The answer lies in the depth and personalization only a hand-drawn illustration can provide.

In addition, a custom portrait goes beyond capturing a moment. It captures the essence of your family in a way that no ordinary photograph can. It is a celebration of the bonds that tie your family together, the quirks that make you unique, and the love that flows between each family member. Each smile, each gaze, and each touch is meticulously captured by Audrey’s artistic hand. Moreover, your portrait turns into a work of art that tells a heartfelt and personalized story.

Moreover, the custom family portrait has the power to transcend time. Unlike photographs that can fade and deteriorate over the years. However, a hand-drawn picture remains as vivid and striking as the day it was created. In addition, it becomes a family heirloom and passed down through generations. Let’s continue to evoke emotions and connect family members across time and space.

The Unveiling of the Process

At Drawn On Portraits, we embark on an artistic journey that begins with Audrey seamlessly blending artistry and personalization. This transformation of creating a custom portrait results in an engaging and unforgettable experience for you, our clients. It all starts with your choice of subject matter — whether you’re seeking a heartwarming portrait of your entire family, an intimate couple’s painting, or a cherished representation of your children or grandparents. The choice is entirely yours, and Audrey is here to transform your unique vision into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

A crucial step in creating your family portrait is the opportunity to upload high-quality, close-up reference images of your loved ones during checkout. These images are the foundation for Audrey’s artistic magic, enabling her to craft a true-to-life masterpiece that captures the essence of your family’s unique dynamics.

The artistic journey culminates with the eagerly anticipated delivery of your family portrait. After you place your order and provide the necessary reference images, Audrey wholeheartedly dedicates herself to creating your unique work of art. With meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, your portrait comes to life. Approximately 4-6 weeks later, it will be ready to ship to your doorstep, allowing you to savor and share your beautiful artwork with your cherished family and friends.

Why Drawn On Portraits Stands Out?

Drawn On Portraits sets itself apart by delivering more than just exquisite artwork. Moreover, it’s a brand defined by dedication, care, and craftsmanship. Audrey’s steadfast commitment to preserving the essence of life’s beautiful moments through art is the cornerstone of our brand.

Each custom portrait created by Drawn On Portraits uniquely reflects your family’s distinct personality and dynamics. Audrey can capture the twinkle in your children’s eyes, the warmth in your grandparents’ smiles, and everything that makes your family one-of-a-kind.

These hand-drawn custom illustrations are to transcend time, remaining as captivating and evocative in the years to come as they are today. They are more than just artworks; they gladly keep sakes that can go as memorial to the next generations, connecting your family’s story through the ages.

An Artistic Journey Worth Venturing On

In a world where everything moves at the speed of light, creating a family portrait seems like a nostalgic choice. But it’s precisely this nostalgia that makes it so unique. It’s a return to the heart of what truly matters — family, love, and cherished moments.

Audrey and Drawn On Portraits invite you to embrace the power of art and celebrate the beauty of life’s moments. Let’s tell your story now and capture in an artist’s brush strokes. With Drawn On Portraits, your tale becomes a masterpiece, your memories become art, and your love becomes an enduring legacy.

Preserving Timeless Moments through Art

Drawn On Portraits transcends the realm of traditional artistry; it’s a sanctuary for capturing life’s cherished moments. With her extraordinary ability to seize the twinkle in a child’s eye or the warmth in a grandparent’s smile, Audrey breathes life and emotion into every brushstroke, creating family portraits that are more than just visual representations. They are heartfelt reflections of your family’s unique personality and dynamics.

These hand-drawn custom illustrations defy time constraints; they endure, remaining as captivating and evocative in the years to come as they are today. They are not mere artworks but timeless treasures meant to pass on through generations, connecting your family’s story across the ages. A custom portrait from Drawn On Portraits is a testament to love and a celebration of life’s unforgettable moments. Although ensuring that your cherished memories forever through art that will live for a lifetime.


In a world of fleeting moments and ever-changing snapshots, Drawn On Portraits is more than a brand; the perfect place for custom family portrait. It’s an artist’s canvas where your family’s journey comes to life, and your memories preserved lovingly. So, to celebrate your family’s unique story or gift something exceptional, consider the magic of a family portrait from Drawn On Portraits. It’s more than just an acquisition; it’s an investment in love, artistry, and the enduring beauty of life’s unforgettable moments.

As we conclude this exploration into the world of Drawn On Portraits, remember that your family’s narrative is deserving of this elegant storytelling. It is the canvas upon which your unique journey is expressing in paint, the brushstrokes of your story reverberating through time. So, embrace the power of art, celebrate the beauty of life’s moments, and let’s tell your story. So, capture in the strokes of an artist’s brush. With Drawn On Portraits, your tale becomes a masterpiece, your memories become art, and your love becomes an enduring legacy.

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