List of the Best Jennifer Aniston Films

Jennifer Aniston has had a successful film career alongside her well-known role as Rachel Green on the NBC comedy Friends. Here are ten of the finest films that Aniston has been in, ranging from comedies to tragedies.

Aniston and Paul Rudd portray a couple from New York who move to a commune in this quirky indie comedy. Critics were divided on the film, but they all agreed that Aniston was terrific in it.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

Aniston teamed up with Adam Sandler again in this hit comedy. But despite a likable pairing and some decent gags, this movie could not overcome its hit-and-miss screenplay.

In the first of the Horrible Bosses films, Aniston stars as a bitchy journalist who takes down Vogue editor Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep). Her performance earned critical praise, and she proved to be a great foil for Charlie Day’s character.

In the heartwarming family film Marley & Me, Aniston plays a woman who learns valuable life lessons from her mischievous dog. It is one of the actress’s most touching performances. In David Wain’s comedy Wanderlust, Aniston and co-star Paul Rudd play two uptight Manhattanites who join a hippie commune in Georgia. Their asymmetrical personalities provide plenty of laughs in this funny flick. Rotten Tomatoes score: 69%

2. Just Go With It

A sharp sendup of modern office culture, this romantic comedy starring Aniston as a hat-loving receptionist is a welcome change from her more serious roles. While the plot occasionally slides into farce, Aniston’s expert timing and natural charm keep this vumoo film from going off the rails.

This rom-com about a self-help author whose latest book is based on her own experiences with divorce and love is surprisingly touching and well-acted. Aniston is delightful as the self-described “rebel lass” who inspires the author to find herself and fall in love again.

Plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) convinces his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his ex-wife in order to impress a new client. The chemistry between the two is palpable in this funny movie about lies and manipulation.

3. Not That Into You

With her extensive list of comedic roles, it’s no secret that Aniston can hold her own in a romantic comedy. She and fellow comedian Adam Sandler have built a tight bond on screen, starring in multiple movies together, most recently the 2019 hit Murder Mystery.

In He’s Just Not That Into You, Beth tries to arm-twist her rich boyfriend Neil into marrying her while bar manager Alex cynically gives Gigi dating advice, real estate saleswoman Anna pines for Conor, and newspaper ad-lady Mary struggles with her love life.

Aniston drew praise for her work in this office satire, as Joanna, a colleague of one of the disgruntled employees who rebel against their boss in Mike Judge’s clever film. She brought a lovable deadpan to the role that would serve her well in future comedies.

4. The Internship

The Internship may not be one of Aniston’s greatest movies, but it is certainly among her funniest. It’s easy to see why the film is so popular on Netflix, with Aniston and co-star Jason Sudeikis proving to be a dynamite comedy pairing.

The movie has a little something for everyone with its smart script and excellent ensemble cast. The late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s performance is a particular highlight.

Aniston and Adam Sandler have a great onscreen chemistry, as evidenced by their many comedic collaborations. Their yin and yang energy is sure to entertain. They team up again in the upcoming Murder Mystery 2.

5. The Internship

Aniston was the face of Friends, but she’s also made a solid name for herself in comedic roles. Her deadpan delivery adds a ton of charm to this satire of the modern workplace.

In Mike Judge’s 2010 comedy, Aniston played Kassie Larson, a down-on-her-luck thirty-something who wants to artificially inseminate herself with the help of her best friend (Wallace Bateman). She gives a likable performance in this underrated gem.

In David Wain’s 2013 comedy Wanderlust, Aniston and Paul Rudd play Manhattanites who become frustrated with their daily lives. The premise is less than convincing, but Aniston and Rudd still deliver in this off-beat comedy. It’s one of Aniston’s funniest efforts.

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