What are the types of furniture designs in Lahore Pakistan

furniture designs

Furniture designs, Lahore, Pakistan, is an urban area rich in history and culture, and that is evident in the wide variety of furniture styles. If you’re looking to furnish your office or home knowing the different furniture designs is a good way to assist you in making the right choices which will fit your style and requirements. This article we’ll look at the different furniture designs styles available at Lahore, Pakistan.

Traditional Furniture Designs

  1. furniture that is Mughal inspired Lahore’s past is tightly tied with the Mughal Empire. You can find furniture styles that are influenced by the time of this period. Find exquisitely carved wooden pieces that feature intricate floral designs and exquisite craftsmanship.
  2. Punjabi Heritage Furniture: Lahore is in the center of Punjab and is home to furniture styles that are a reflection of its vibrant Punjabi culture. These typically include bright colours, intricate woodwork, and a variety of comfortable seating choices.
  3. wooden Jhoolas (Swings): Traditional wooden swings are an everyday scene within Lahore homes. They’re not just for fun but also function as decorative pieces. They are often decorated with colorful curtains and cushions.

Contemporary Furniture Designs

  1. Simple Furniture If you’re looking for minimalist and clutter-free style modern furniture styles in Lahore provide a variety of minimalist choices. Think clean lines, neutral colors and practical pieces that make the most of space.
  2. Modular Furniture Modern homes in Lahore tend to choose modular furniture that is customizable to accommodate different living spaces. They are useful and adaptable and ideal for urban living.
  3. Glass as well as Metal Furniture for an element of class modern designs usually include metal and glass elements. Glass-topped tables and chairs give a modern and elegant style to interiors.

Antique Furniture Designs

  1. Chinioti Furniture: Chiniot, a city located near Lahore is famous for its wooden furniture made of antique. Chinioti designs are adorned with intricate carvings as well as brass inlays. They also have a timeless appeal which adds the character of any room.
  2. British Colonial Furniture Lahore’s story as a city under British government has left several stunning antique pieces. Find old-fashioned British colonial furniture, which combines practicality with traditional design elements.
  3. Art Deco Influences: Lahore also has a collection of furniture that is influenced in the Art Deco movement. Imagine geometric shapes, luxury materials, with a dash of glamour in The 1920s as well as the 1930s.

Custom Furniture Designs

  1. Custom-designed furniture A lot of furniture manufacturers in Lahore offer bespoke furniture services. You can collaborate with artisans to design individual pieces that meet your requirements in terms of style size, material, and dimensions.
  2. Fusion Furniture: Certain designers in Lahore are experts in mixing various styles of design to create unique furniture that combines different styles. These pieces incorporate elements from different types of cultures and periods that result in a variety of striking designs.
  3. Reclaimed wood furniture Consumers who are conscious of their environment can buy custom furniture using reclaimed timber. This environmentally friendly option not just gives a unique look, but also reduces the impact on the environment.


Lahore, Pakistan, offers the widest selection of furniture styles that can accommodate a variety of preferences and tastes. You may be drawn by the rich history in traditional styles, modern lines of modern pieces and the appeal of antiques, or the versatility of customized furniture Lahore offers something unique to give to every discerning consumer. Through exploring the options available, you can turn your rooms into distinctive and comfortable spaces that reflect your design.


How can I purchase authentic Punjabi furniture for Lahore?

There are many traditional Punjabi furniture within Lahore in markets that are local furniture stores, furniture stores, as well as specially-designed workshops. Anarkali Bazaar and Ichhra are the most popular places to shop for furniture.

Which is your cost of custom-made furniture in Lahore?

Cost of custom-designed furniture in Lahore can be wildly different based on the style, material and the craftsmanship. In general, you should expect to pay anything from PKR 20k to PKR 200.000 or more for furniture that is bespoke.

Do you have eco-friendly furniture options in Lahore?

Absolutely, Lahore is a hot market for furniture that is eco-friendly. Find furniture made of recycled wood or that is made by craftsmen who are committed to sustainability and utilize sustainable materials.

Where can I get antique British furniture from the colonial period in Lahore quickly?

Antique British Colonial furniture is available in several antique shops that specialize in Lahore. You can also find these pieces at auctions or by contacting antique dealers.

Which are the most common colors that are used for modern furnishings in Lahore?

Modern furniture from Lahore typically features neutral colors such as black, white grey, beige, and. However, some designers use bold colors such as teal, red or mustard for an added splash of color.

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