Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Ready to be Sold in Bookstore Chains

Custom Candle Boxes

Do you know how to make Custom Candle Boxes that will be ready to be sold in bookstores? Are you aware of the elements of exceptional candle packaging?

Do you know why candles are so often sold in bookstores? It might be because they are part of the same scholarly aesthetics. But, it is probably because they evoke the same feeling of cosines, comfort, and a homely atmosphere. And paperboard candle boxes can help achieve that goal. 

If you are in the candle business, we have good news. The candle market is enormous and constantly growing. Also, as there are scents that can be therapeutic, they are very popular as stress relief means.

People are very often drawn to buying candles in stores rather than online. The most obvious reason is that they want to feel the scent. But if you are selling your product online, it may be even more important to ensure your Custom Retail Boxes are attractive. They can’t smell the candle, but they can see your unique candle packaging.

Maybe the scent is the primary decision-making attribute, but you will still need to attract your customers’ attention. Also, as bookstores usually make their displays very aesthetically pleasing, having exquisite packaging might entice booksellers to make your candle box the star of their gift section. And if you have some bookish scents or bookish-themed packaging in your offer, your product might even be suggested together with some books. Or made a part of a book and candle subscription box.

There are 5 elements of candle packaging you should be aware of:

1. Outer candle box

Having custom retail boxes for your candles is a must. Depending on the style of the candle, they can break, melt, or lose scent if they do not have proper packaging.

The outer box for your candles can be made of 18pt or 24-pt paperboard, depending on whether you need the box to be sturdier. Eco-friendly candle packaging will attract environmentally conscious customers. A 1-2-3 Lock Bottom Box With a Tuck Top is a prevalent choice for candles. 

As with any other product, your custom retail box design should reflect the product inside. And the overall style of your brand. With scented candles, you should ensure that the scent is reflected in the design. Having ocean-scented candles in red packaging will not attract the right buyer. Candles are often used as part of aromatherapy. Or to create an atmosphere. The packaging should evoke the same sentiment you are hoping the candle inside will. Read our blog post about the role of color in packaging to better understand how to do just that.

Also, having well-designed packaging can differentiate your product in a saturated market. 

The candle market is already vast and expected to grow even more

your branding is what makes the difference, even if somebody else has the same scents. Make your “old books scented candle” the best-looking one on the market to attract bookworms.

Having themed packaging can also be a big hit. It can connect the customers to your brand. Book or movie quotes can be a great way to let potential customers know your shared interests. Candles are often bought to be a part of home décor. Your candle box can become an integral part of that décor. Scented candles can create an atmosphere, and custom candle boxes can send the right message. A subtle pine wood scent and a box with Lord of the Rings quote on the bookshelf while reading about Hobbits in Lothlórien will make a memorable experience for any fan.

Also important to remember is that candles make great gifts. And an aesthetically pleasing candle gift box packaging will make it an easy choice. 

2. Candle box inserts

Having well-designed packaging is a must to get noticed on the shelves. But the safety of the product is also essential. To ensure your candles arrive in perfect condition, your custom candle boxes should have candle box inserts. These inserts are made of single-flute corrugated paperboard. They offer additional safety for your scented candles.

There is no point in having well-designed packaging that is not protect the product inside. With 1-2-3 Lock Bottom Box With Tuck Top, the bottom lock ensures the security of your candles from the bottom of the box. And corrugated candle box inserts ensure the product is well protected from all sides. If you want to be sure your customers are satisfied with your packaging, candle boxes with inserts are the way to go.

3. Candle Dust Cover

Candle dust cover, as the name suggests, is there to keep the dust away from your candle. But, it also helps to keep your candle scent in. This makes it an inseparable part of your custom candle boxes. And this is especially true if you make artisan candles and want to create eco-friendly luxury candle packaging. Using custom retail boxes embellishments such as foiling or embossing will also add the touch of luxury.

Another benefit of candle dust covers is that they offer additional branding space. Your logo or contact information on the dust cover will help brand recognition and retention. 

4. Labels

Labels are an excellent branding opportunity. But they also offer additional space for information. You can have them placed directly on the primary packaging or the paperboard custom candle boxes. You want to make sure your customers have all the information they need. This includes warnings like “keep out of reach of children and pets” and “keep away from flammable materials”. Burning instructions are also essential to have. Other helpful information includes burning time, scent, and the ingredients. How you use labels depends on how you decide to use dust covers. If the dust flap is used for information, you can have branding elements on the label. And the other way around.

Note that having the label with the scent placed directly on the primary packaging, meaning the candle jar or thin can, is probably a good idea. We usually remove the candle from the custom retail boxes, and the label with the scent helps us choose the right candle to burn.

It is recommended that you use vinyl labels as they have a higher level of oil resistance. They can also be clear, if you want the candle to be visible through the label.

5. The sticker seal 

Using the sticker to seal the candle box might be an excellent detail to consider. It can be branded stickers to improve brand recognition. But it doesn’t have to be. You can simply have “enjoy” printed on it. Or even have a blank sticker with handwritten text on it. This will help you create close connections with your customers. They will surely appreciate the effort and this small detail. It will also sign that the product hasn’t been tampered with and removed from the box. So, it is an additional security measure and a nice touch to make your customers smile.

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