Tips To Design a Custom Six Panel CD Jacket

Custom Six Panel CD Jacket

The CD was widely used about two decades ago. At that time it was the main source of people’s entertainment. However, the trend in the use of CDs has diminished and online streaming platforms have replaced them. Then why people are looking for custom six panel CD jacket

People that have the hobby to collect old records of famous brands are using these covers for their collection. You can sell your CDs to these people and earn valuable capital for your company. 

Packing CDs in six panel CD jacket will allow people to easily organize their collection. You can design these covers using high-quality prints and enticing artwork. You can also print your logo on the packaging for branding. 

Here are some of the tips to design CD jackets. 


CDs are fragile and their functionality depends entirely upon their structure. Any minor damage to the holographic layers of the CDs can make them useless. Considering this fragility, it is of sheer importance to pack CDs in packaging made of high-quality materials. 

To pack CDs you can use paper-based material that will not keep your CDs safe but also the environment clean. Six panel CD jacket wholesale packaging should look firm, hence customers will get convinced about their quality.


After the material, the other thing that you must be interested to know about the CD covers is their design. The design on the covers make the ordinary packaging int marvelous one. You can design them with any artwork, thematic quote, etc. 

Whether you are looking for a CD cover with 6 panels or you want four panel CD jacket, with the customization you can fulfill your desired style. Be sure that your cover design is appealing to the customer and looks unique. In this way, you can convince people to invest in these covers. 


Looking for a way to make your CD covers colorful? To get this what can be more desirable than the perfect printing procedures? You can print your design on the CD cover with the best and high-class printing procedures in the market.

If you want to add posters of famous artists or you want to print a design that can relate to the CD recording, then you must the high-quality material along with premium-quality prints. The prints will help you significantly increase the charm of CD covers and customers will fail to avoid in investing them. 


The selection of colors has become significantly easy because now companies have a lot of color mixing options. These color mixing options make it easy for the brands to get any design made of any color on the custom six panel CD jacket. You can use two types of printings on your paneled CD covers. 

The one is PMS printing. Thai printing methods is an ideal option when different impression of artworks have desired on the covers. On the other hand when only four colors are enough to make the packaging designs then you can use the CMYK color mixing process. 

Ensure Your Brand Promotion 

Can you even think of a custom packaging without a brand? Although the demand for CD covers may not much high nonetheless still there is a huge population that would like to invest in these premium covers. And you can use these unique customers to promote your brand by giving them a logo printed packaging. 

Using a logo printed six panel CD jacket you can tell the customers about your company. That way if you are selling other products you can get the clients for that product too. So do not forget to convert your covers into a free branding tool. 

Remain Environmentally-Friendly 

You have learned the basic tips that are necessary to design the eye catchy covers for your packaging. Now it’s time to remain in the sustainable zone. That means you must manufacture CD covers using high-quality but sustainable packing. 

In material and the printing inks, you can find an eco-friendly option that will facilitate you to get the best for your company, while at the same time playing a role for climate safety. You can use kraft and cardstock to keep the packaging eco-friendly. 

Select From Wholesale Rates

While selecting the best for your brand do not cross the budgetary constraints of your brand. In this regard, you can find multiple packaging industries that are providing wholesale rates to the brands when they order packaging in bulk. So do not forget to avail yourself of the economical rates and the inexpensive branding tool for your company. 

Final Words!

A custom six panel CD jacket is an ideal way to protect the unique CDs of your customers. Making the cover with durable and sustainable packaging material. Besides this, you can design them with catchy colors, quality prints, and splendid artwork to force customers to invest in your covers. 

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