Gift cards: Designs, Types, and Gift Card Printing

Gift card printing

It is your favourite cousin’s wedding, and you alongside all your siblings have formed a WhatsApp group. The sole aim and purpose of this group was to decide and come up with ideas for a perfect wedding gift. There are several kinds of gifting ideas, items and souvenirs that were coming up in that group, however, one of the youngest, but tech-savvy siblings said something about gift card printing and gift card holders. After searching a lot, you came across, gift cards. At this point, you come across gift card printing. In the following article, there will be a vivid description of gift cards and various kinds of designs for gift card printing alongside some quirky ideas for gift card holders. So let us vivid the story behind the idea of gift card printing.

What are gift cards and gift card gifting?

Gift card as the name suggest are cards wherein you can load and deposit some money on the card. It is after this, you give this card to anyone to buy gifts or souvenirs for themselves. At this point, you might as well ask, what is the gift card printing process? Let us see.

  • Selecting the design and logo: The card printing process involves various kinds of printing designs. This logo could be one of a company, something that you have personalized or you can leave the card as it is. It is with the help of his design of the logo, you tend to underdone the pricing, and age-value of the card being produced.
  • Branding and adding of a Teflon coating: This is important to mention that the gift card printing process involves the formulation and the imprint of the card. Herein this is today these cards are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride plastic. Simultaneous to this there are various kinds of gift card holders that are made in accordance with it, this process is done just to complement and keep in touch with the gift card that is being gifted to the other person. 
  • Finished status: once these cards and the simultaneous gift cards are made through, there is a “finished status of the card that is given. This is given for the activation of the card and also provides a green signal for the people to be gifted with. 

Types of gift card printing

There are different kinds of gift printing designs or different types of gift cards that and certain ideas of gift printing designs. Below are listed some of the gift card designs:

  • Amazon gift cards: While discussing gift card printing, Amazon gift card is something unique. Amazon gift card printing enables you and gives you the liberty to buy goods globally and internationally. These merchandise, which includes books clothing and even other kinds of groceries. So this can act as your regular gift card. However, these cards might as well come in the form of e-cards. 
  • Steam gift card: While these digital cards are at their best, steam gift card printing involves e-printing, which accounts for sending the printed cards through email. With the help of Steam card printing one, can only purchase games and other tech-savvy things with the help of these cards. 
  • Google Play gift card: this particular type of gift card printing is not related to the idea of getting a physical card, but these are mostly found in e-card formats. You can say that the gift card printing for these gift cards is done via e-mail and the way of getting these cards activated also happens through e-mail verification. 

What is the benefit that gift card printing can give you?

  • Branding: gift card printing helps you to brand your company, by printing these cards you can help you spread word of mouth for your brand. Helps to grow your brand value. 
  • Custom messages and gifts:  Since gift cards are meant to get custom gift messages and are personalized according to your taste and preference, gift printing cards are a perfect example. 
  • Diverse designs: As the name suggests custom gift card printing gives you the ability to print cards which can be used for special designs, events and other implications. 

Gift card holders for your cards. All you need to know.

At this point you are done with gift card printing, but where would we store it? Gift card holders are your one-time solution.

  • Protection: gift card holders give your newly fresh and polished cards, a layer of protection and ensure that your cards are scratch-free.
  • Presentation: gift card holders can be given a hundred points for enhancing the presentation of the overall gift card, giving it an enhanced look.
  • Branding opportunity: suggestive to its name, these are optimal for promoting the brand and portraying the image that the brand is particular about its designs and finished products. 


It’s important to choose the right fulfillment service for your gift card printing needs. You need to choose a reputed service provider. They must be proficient in developing a brand image and letting you choose a gift which you deem is fit for you, preventing your house from being jumbled with gifts you tend to avoid.

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